Behind the Frosting

This “Sweet” team, Nicole and Sharmin are friends and sister in laws. They love to travel, run and meet new people!
So what better way to in corporate their passions than to make and sell Shoe Frosting!

Nicole (R) is a Hockey, Lacrosse, and Dance Mom who loves to spend time with her family! Her ultimate goal is to run a 1/2 marathon in every state of this nation!
Sharmin (L) has been a successful hairdresser and salon owner for 20 years. She is a mother of 3 and loves all her titles.. Piano,  Figure Skater, and Hockey Mom!

Nicole and Sharmin are positive, ambitious, and passionate! They make, sell, and wear Shoe Frosting! They have run races together from coast to coast. Although they will run whenever and wherever, they especially love to run in warm climates.
Sharmin and Nicole are grateful for each day! They enjoy running the corse with the inspirational women they come in contact with at the many expos they attend throughout the country. They  have been known to plan vacations around their races.  These ladies feel the finish line of any race is a special place. They “Run like Girls”, “Run with all their hearts”, and are true “Sole Sisters” just like stated on the Shoe Frosting that they wear.

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